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Thousands of highly skilled people own the equipment to make your products. Hire them to reach new markets, reduce shipping costs, and put production on auto-pilot. See how it works.

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Lone Birch saves 60% on shipping

"Without Distro, we’d be losing money on our west coast orders. Now, we can offer free shipping across the US and it adds 30% back to our margins."

Jarek Ostrowski, CEO Lone Birch

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The most cost effective way to scale production

Until now, scaling production hasn't exactly been cheap. Whether it's buying more inventory, expanding commercial space, or buying more equipment, you take on a lot of risk with your business when you grow.

With Distro, onboarding a skilled maker takes less than a month and all you have to invest is time.

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Hire the best people for
your business

We have a list of highly skilled makers to help make your products, but you decide who to hire, where they should be located, and what you should pay them. You know your business and margins better than anyone, so who are we to decide that?


Put your production
on auto-pilot

After your products are made and packed, your makers handle tasks like printing shipping labels, arranging carrier pickups, and get paid in the process. This efficiency means less time spent managing production tasks, and more time on growing your business and brand.

All you have to do is assign orders when they come in and your makers take care of the rest. It feels like magic.

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